Hand Drawn Effects

I've had a blast working with ToonBoom over the last few weeks to create this 7 part video tutorial on hand-drawn effects. All the time I was doing this I was thinking - boy, I really love animating effects.... along with remembering how long this would have taken back in the heyday, and how the software to do this kind of thing back then would have been about as expensive as a small house! So it was a real privilege to play with this (excitingly affordable) high end software and rediscover an art form I love. I put a lot of effort into making these tutorials as rich in the animation principles as software technique - hope you like it.

Learn how to beautifully animate hand-drawn fire effects using traditional animation principles, production tips, bitmap and vector brushes as well as node compositing. Expert David Bunting, freelance story artist & SFX animator, guides you through the entire process with this very comprehensive seven-part tutorial.
— ToonBoom