BELOW: This split screen clip from Out of the Woods shows how accurately the 3D Redbord storyboard process allowed me to block the shots in CG with the director at the storyboard stage.

RIGHT: Lofty and Scoop pull a tarpaulin over the beach to protect sand castles. Blocking the storyboards using 3D models in Redboard enabled us to accurately stage scenes and choose camera set-ups which could be carried through to CG layout.


BELOW: Research always plays an important part in any project. For Bob the Builder, I made a site visit to a building site to understand more about working methods. Seeing builders working on the same plank of wood (below left) have me ideas for staging Bob, Wendy and Leo working together (below right).



RIGHT: In Muck the Elf, a gust of wind unleashes a domino destruction of Bobs Christmas displayBlocking this in CG allowed us to accurately stage this action at the storyboard stage.






RIGHT: A building site proves not a safe place for a cat in Pilchard and the Bear. With the series being animated overseas, these detailed character poses provided useful reference.





BELOW: In Drive Through Disaster, Leo films the grand opening of Chef Tatties drive-in café, which doesn't quite go according to plan. Staging much of the action through Leo's camera phone gave an opportunity to dramatize the unfolding action through hand held shots. 

BELOW: Every episode in Bob ends with a pull out. This ambitious shot from Stormy Weather is one of the biggest.

BOTTOM: Lightening illuminates Bob's yard.