Getting warmed up for a story meeting! Me with director, Boris Hiestand, at Jellyfish Animation Studios in London.

Getting warmed up for a story meeting! Me with director, Boris Hiestand, at Jellyfish Animation Studios in London.

Director Boris Hiestand brought a bold, clear vision for Dennis and Gnasher Unleashed! which has already earned him a BAA nomination for Best Children's series, and a top spot in CBBC ratings. Working with such fun characters and mad-cap action packed scripts, was lots of fun.  

Storyboards were developed with a combination of drawn and CG elements that allowed us to push a cinematic approach to storytelling and create accurate boards for the CG pipeline. Of course, the greatest emphasis was on story and acting, fleshing out comedy and drama from the script.

While I worked out of my home studio, I worked closely with Boris, pitching the storyboards at block and drawn  stage via skype and exploring visual ideas to further support the story.

In this compilation of action scenes, you can see how Panel Forge was used to create production ready storyboards that closely matched the final framing in the animation.

For this scene from Super Paul (left), I heightened the dramatic tension of Dennis and the gang, stuck in a pie oven, with the dramatic lighting and frenetic movement of Dennis' torch.





There was plenary of comedy along with action with Dennis and the gang. Here they try to communicate with the Beano town Yeti in the search of the gloop of greatness, in Crouching Tiger Hidden Yeti.

We had a few homages to classic family films, such as Red and Black to the Future. I really made sure I did my homework for these episodes, studying the visual language of these films shot by shot and boiling these down to a few, hopefully memorable, moments for the adults. The temp music track in this episode gave me goose-bumps!





LEFT: The colour clip of the same scene shows the transition from storyboards to final animation. The quality that Boris Hiestand and his team at Jellyfish Animation delivered was incredible and seeing the storyboards evolve into final animation and enhanced at every stage was very rewarding. 

 BELOW: I came onto the series early, to help produce presentation clean-up boards before the CG assets were available for boarding future episodes in Panel Forge. In these clean-ups from ‘Escape from Askabash’, based on thumbnails from Dave Vinecmobe, Dennis and Gnasher take fright from a mysterious shadowy figures in the schools corridor. I added extra panels to flesh out acting and continuity, and tonal panels to suggest lighting opportunities.